Miranda’s & Henry’s MITZVAH Project

A message from Henry & Miranda:

Since the start of the school year we have been regularly volunteering at our school library. Yes, we’ve learned some basic library functions, such as checking in books, checking out books, etc., but most importantly our volunteer library work (as well as the time we spend in there when we aren’t on our library shifts), has strengthened what we already knew: libraries are amazing and important places.

We need to support our libraries!

Words are powerful. Words matter. We learn how to use our words from our parents, from our teachers, and from our peers. But also, of course, from books.

Reading is very important in the Bowling household. We love books, so it is no surprise that we also love libraries. They offer up worlds to those who enter. They offer up comfort, and safety, and explosions of imagination. Books teach us about people we may never get to meet and places we may never have opportunities to visit, making us better world citizens. We can learn about history — even the uncomfortable stuff — so we can learn to shape a better future for ourselves.

Our Mitzvah project this year has been ongoing since the start of the school year with our library volunteer work, but we’d like to step it up a bit and encourage all of YOU to join in and donate to our school library:

Arroyo Seco Junior High School Library Book Wishlist

If you’d rather donate elsewhere, how about reaching out to your own local public school library and asking for their book wishlist so you can donate? Even better, share our donation links or your own public school library book wishlist link on your social media pages. Spread the Book Love! Extra points if you donate books that often get banned because of fear or ignorance.

No matter to what public school library you donate, we’d like to hear about it! Let us know in the comment section below how you are donating powerful words in your (or another) community.

Miranda & Henry


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