Words are POWERFUL

Words are POWERFUL

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A message from Abi: We originally thought of the theme #puttingittogether as a way to keep us motivated to keep, well, putting it all together. We’ve had a tough year, so the motivation was necessary.

As we rolled with this theme, it became clear to me that #puttingittogether is actually quite fitting for Miranda, Henry, and our whole family. There are many meanings, many levels to this theme.

You may have noticed above that the puzzle of the picture of Henry and Miranda is not complete. It won’t ever be. We are always on a journey. Being called to the Torah as Bat and Bar Mitzvah does not mean the end of their journey, not by any stretch.  They will always have more pieces to find, more pieces to assemble. 

And some pieces will always be missing.
We have to learn how to continue with those gaps, and to honor what was once there, while building around them.

On a lighter note, #puttingittogether really does work for them, individually. “Putting It Together” is a song from the Sondheim musical, Sunday in the Park with George. Engineers literally put things together, make things work. I’m sure you can figure out which interpretation fits which kid.

Also, we like all kinds of puzzles in our nerdy family. Maybe not so much jigsaw puzzles as much after quarantine, but the sentiment still fits, right?




Please note that (for those who are ages 5 and up) proof of Covid vaccination is required for the Friday night service, the Saturday morning service, and the luncheon party.

Please fill out this form BEFORE April 8th to avoid any possible issues on April 8th and April 9th and to help things run smoothly so that services will be able to start on time. (We will generate a list at noon on Friday, April 8th that will be used to check folks off as they are entering the synagogue or party). If you do not submit your proof of vaccination in advance, you will need to bring and present your physical vaccination card (or a printout of a picture of it), as cellphone/electronics usage is not permitted at the temple during Shabbat, and that could considerably slow things down.

In an effort to ensure the safety of our friends and family, we will be abiding by all LA County Health Department mandates and recommendations, as well as taking extra precautions to protect all those in attendance. Please do not attend in person if you are having any symptoms of COVID or have a positive COVID test.

A note on MASKS: Currently LA County is no longer under a mask mandate. We do ask, however, that if you are not on the bima -- especially if you have just been traveling -- that you wear a mask during the service. And we cannot stress this again enough: if you are not feeling well, please opt to remain at home and watch the live stream instead. THANK YOU!